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Green MC - Server Rules

The rules listed below apply to our server. These rules ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience. Staff members always have the final say, even if a rule is not directly broken.


Gameplay Rules

  • Hacked Clients: Hacked clients or other client modifications that give you an unfair advantage are prohibited.
  • Bug Abuse: Abusing bugs or glitches is not allowed. Example: Duplicating items
  • Boosting: Boosting your or someone else's statistics is not allowed. Example: Killing your alt repeatedly to get kills without the alt fighting back.
  • Inappropriate Builds: Inappropriate builds are not allowed.
  • Scamming: Scamming other players is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate Skins/Usernames: Inappropriate skins or usernames are not allowed.


Chat Rules

  • Swearing: Swearing is allowed, but it must be kept at a minimum.
  • Spamming: Spamming is not allowed. Example: Repeatedly sending someone private messages.
  • Advertising: Advertising things that aren't related to Green MC is prohibited.
  • Disrespect: Disrespecting players or staff members is not allowed.
  • Discrimination: Racism, Sexism or any other form of discrimination is prohibited.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour: Sending inappropriate links or any other form of inappropriate behaviour is not allowed.
  • Threatening: Any form of threatening is not allowed.
  • Leaking private information: Leaking private information that could identify someone in real life is prohibited.
  • Impersonation: Impersonating as other players or staff members is not allowed. Example: I am a staff member's alt.


Other Rules

  • Abusing Alternative Accounts: Abusing alternative accounts to bypass a punishment for example is prohibited.
  • Chargeback: Chargebacks are strictly prohibited.
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