Allowed Modifications
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Green MC - Allowed Modifications

Modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. You can find a list of allowed modifications below. If you are using a modification that isn't listed below, your account may receive a punishment.


Allowed Modifications

  • Performance Boosters (Optifine, BetterFPS)
  • ToggleSneak, BetterSprint
  • Gamma/Brightness Modifications (Fullbright)
  • Health/Damage Indicators
  • Status HUD Modifications (Armor HUD, Direction HUD, Effect HUD...)
  • Chat Modifications (Clean Chat, TabbyChat...)
  • Visual Modifications (Shaders, Perspective Mod)
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Macro's (Abusing macro's is not allowed)
  • Minimaps (Players and entities must not show)
  • UI Modifications (Keystrokes, Custom Crosshair...)
  • Replay Mod
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