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Uh Update i have been promoted to admin if anything happens i will tell you on this feed
16 days ago

I am a Jr moderator I work on the server for 7 hour's Max
4 months ago

4 months ago
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What is your name?LucasWhat is your Discord username?Doggo#2178How old are you?9What is your timezone?CETWhat times are you usually online?I would say whenever u want to get me on if i want to join myself i would say daily up to the last day friday is the day i might not be onWhy do you want to become a moderator on Green MC?I want to help out on the server. I I Also Want to Learn Rule Breakers The only thing that those rule-breakers do are making the player exprience bad so i would like to help with the player exprience I talk to the players daily if the server is open for players Why should we choose you over other applicants?Well i would be a great improvement to the staff team i have been demoted but i cant let myself down and not stand back i have improved alot since then I have much exprience with other server's but a real hosted server that u guys acutally pay for is my proudest moment Being staff And i got demoted after a bit for not saying my real age Therefore i will apply again What can you contribute to Green MC?I can contribute player exprience to the community i talk alot with player's i have been a recent staff member on here but i have gotten demoted this is my second application and i will not let u guys down againDo you have any experience with being a moderator?Yes i do i have been a staff member on a bunch of free server's i own my own server [Those free servers are easy to handle and i have been a staff member on a decent big server so i know what im doing] Scenario 1: A friend of you is breaking the rules, what would you do?I would mute them If they had broken a rule like hacking i would defintely ban them, If they swear at me in discord i would simply leave the call if he ban evaded i would extend his banScenario 2: A player is mad at you and claims that he didn't receive their rank, what would you do?I would tell Higher staff members [Admin Manager Owner co owner]Scenario 3: You are watching a player that has been reported for hacking, but you can't tell if they are, what would you do?I would ask higher staff members to help me 
20 days ago

This is Green-Mc's First forum post I really hope you guy's are having a great day See you all when the server get's released -YouStoleMyDoggo's Or whatever my name is now.....
4 months ago