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7. I want to play on a server w/ jasper and be a owner on jaspers housing and i have mod exp
20 days ago

What is your name?PigeonWhat is your Discord username?TheGamingPigeon#3313How old are you?13What is your timezone?CSTWhat times are you usually online?8-11 am 1-3 pm 5-7pmWhy do you want to become a moderator on Green MC?jasper invited meWhy should we choose you over other applicants?coowner on jaspers housingWhat can you contribute to Green MC?make sure people dont ruin the serverDo you have any experience with being a moderator?yesScenario 1: A friend of you is breaking the rules, what would you do?report and give warningScenario 2: A player is mad at you and claims that he didn't receive their rank, what would you do?check to make sure he bought itScenario 3: You are watching a player that has been reported for hacking, but you can't tell if they are, what would you do?follow and make sure they arent doing something while in vamish 
20 days ago