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Hello! HyperDoggo12 days ago
Hi SupehSloht14 days ago
A few things to know about me: I'm from America and I'm in EST. I'm on at almost all the time every day! Despite how formal I type/seem to be, I love to joke around!
11 days ago

12 days ago

hi! <3
12 days ago

I love Forums uwu
13 days ago

Good afternoon/morning/evening! This is my second post ever on the forum and I think that's kinda cool. -petty
14 days ago

Real Legend.
15 days ago

14 days ago

First post! Hi I'm petty, or if you want to, call me gabbie! I plan on being pretty active on the forums as well as the discord. Message me whenever if you want to talk, I'm almost always available. <3 ooh I can edit haha -Karatchi
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